Academic Enrichment

We will be using IXL Learning which provides a comprehensive curriculum with real-time diagnostics, personalized guidance, and actionable analytics. The student’s learning activities will be individualized to help them gain the knowledge and skills of math and reading subjects. We will also help prepare students for standardized examinations. CPA will be using study skills to help students prepare for improvement in memory and test taking skills. We will work closely with the schools and parents to help the students improve. Our goal is to help students learn on their own time and become lifelong learners.


Students will be assisted in preparing for the MAP test. Areas of deficiency in math or language arts will be addressed in the preparation for testing. We will use IXL also for students who wish to prepare for ACT's. We will be using IXL to help guide our students to prepare for them.

Career Development

CPA’s Career Development Program is introduced in conjunction with the Educational Enhancement Program in that Career Development assesses the career aptitude of youth consistent with the students’ future career goals and helps the student develop an appropriate academic plan going forward.

Runnin Force Basketball Club & Activities

To ensure youth are not only intellectually, socially, and emotionally healthy, but also physically healthy. This is the purpose of the Running’ Force Basketball Club. We will also offer remote chess and poetry clubs, horticulture, and financial literacy as elective activity choices.

Our Boys