Meet Our Tutors

Expert in IXL

Julia Flor

I enjoy helping students make progress in Math and ELA concepts. I have 4 years experience working as a paraprofessional in a Title 1 school. I have my bachelors degree in Educational Studies and an Associate in Business. I look forward to helping you make progress in your academics and gain confidence in new skills.  Julia resides in Arizona. 

Patient with her students

Fernanda Cervantes Lopez

 Hello, I’m Fernanda! I’ve been tutoring for several years now helping students of all grade levels. I tutor any topic but specialize in Math and English. I am a second-year college student majoring in Liberal Studies and plan to become an elementary school teacher. I am a knowledgeable and patient tutor who works with your child to raise up their grades, exam scores and make sure they excel in school. I am also a bilingual tutor and understand the importance of giving opportunities to everyone, and the difficulty that comes with English being one’s second language. I’m here to help your child succeed and hope that we can all work together as a team to make a difference in your child’s education.


COMMUNICATION with his Students

Greg Schulman, M.Ed.

Greg Schulman a dedicated professional looking to make an impact in your students life. I can support all students to improve their confidence in learning in all academic subjects, and help students love learning al over again. I am available to support your scholar.  Greg resides in New York.



Dr. Michael J. Provitera is an Associate Professor in the Department of Leadership Studies at the Adrian Dominican School of Education, Barry University, Miami, Florida USA. Michael has 25 articles on a variety of topics in the management field and has conducted research and executive training sessions on many management issues, including executive leadership, emotional intelligence, motivation, leading change, strategic management, and management education.  Michael resides in Florida.


Teresa Wozniak Tallman

Teresa graduated in 1975 from Iowa State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. She worked for 35 years for a major manufacturing
company.   During her career, her view of statistics grew from apprehension to
Teresa was a speaker at the 2017 Arizona Science Teachers Association
Conference. She also spoke at the 2017 Region 9 Early Childhood STEM
Institute in Reno, Nevada.
Teresa has written blogs for the Arizona STEM Network and Grandparents
Magazine. She is also the author of Fun with Statistics “What does Mean
Mean” and “What does Vary Mean” for toddlers..  Teresa resides in Arizona.


Mary Lach

Mary Lach has been a teacher, director of religious education, program manager and mentor to children from grade school through high school.  She has a Masters Degree in Spirituality and a BA in German studies.  She brings a lot of experience, a sense of humor and a wish to help all students achieve their goals.  She lives outside Detroit, Michigan


Michael Spann



Bob Wozniak


Avid Writer

Melinda Mullin

Melinda Mullin has been teaching and coaching both children and adults for over 20 years. She believes education is a lifelong journey, and is passionate about encouraging others to become excited about acquiring knowledge on a myriad of subjects. 

Melinda has been a secretary for several organizations and is an advocate for disability rights. An avid reader, writer, and beekeeper, she lives in Northern California with her family and multiple pets.